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Installation of Officers and New Executive 2016

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Canada Day 2015

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Volunteer Appreciation Lunch


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Legion Week


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Remembrance Day 2014


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LE_Remembrance_MEME_01_v2LE_Remembrance_MEME_02_v2 LE_Remembrance_MEME_03_v2




Family Fun Day

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Press Conference

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Canada Day BBQ and Beer Garden with the Pipe Band for Entertainment

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Happy 80th Birthday!

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Legion Week and Canada Day Entertainment


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Father’s Day “Flight School” and Winner

Father's Day Pilot School Contest Winner on Fathers Day Event


Ladies Night 7 Ladies NightLadies Night 4lADIES nIGHT 8 Ladies Night 11Ladies Night 9


Fun around the Legion

Lone Strangers Spring DanceLone Strangers Spring Dance

Dave the DJ Dave the DJ

Having FunJuanita and Paula


St. Patrick’s Day Fun

St. Patricks Day 2 St Patricks Day Meatdraw

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine's Day 3 Valentines Day 2 Valentine's Day

Diamond Jubilee Award


New Westminster and District Zone Commander Comrade Paul Howard presents the Diamond Jubilee Award to Comrade Irene Brown. This gentleman has been a great mentor to Comrade Brown over the past 3 years, helping her remain focused and dedicated to the task in hand – the preservation of Branch #133.

Ladies Auxiliary 75th Birthday
February 24th 2013


(Left to Right) New Westminster and District Zone Commander Comrade Paul Howard, LA Zone Commander Tanis McKinnon, RCL #133 1st Vice President Comrade Pauline McKenna, RCL#133 LA President Comrade Hilda Vanstone, Port Coquitlams Mayor Greg Moore.

Greg is wearing a costume from 1913. He is promoting the Centennial year of Port Coquitlam many of us at the Legion are members of The Spirit Committee who are assisting with the organization of Centennial events throughout this year.



These Ladies have worked throughout the years, not only at the Legion, but supporting other programs within our community; particularly of Hawthorne Lodge, a Senior Home which still houses some of our Veterans.

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