Military Police National Motorcycle Relay

     The Legion is best known for supporting veterans and their families; however we’re not alone when it comes to supporting veterans participating in events for the benefit of our communities.

     The Military Police National Motorcycle Relay (MPNMR) supports the Military Police members, both former and currently serving, as well as other military members that volunteer to operate the Military Police Fund for Blind Children. The fund provides for medical needs, equipment, training, guide dogs and recreational activities and supports eight schools for blind children

     This is the fourteenth year for what has been called the world’s longest annual motorcycle relay ride, travelling over 10,000 kilometres from coast to coast with stops at Canadian Armed Forces establishments, Legions and points of interest along the way.   

     Late Saturday afternoon, 30 July, Legion 133 will be hosting about 30 MPNMR riders as they pause during their lower mainland portion of the relay.

     You can follow the MPNMR on Facebook.  (

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